Advancing Construction Planning & Scheduling 2021

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Advancing Construction Planning & Scheduling 2021

2021 Sep 13 Mon - 2021 Sep 15 Wed

Advancing Construction Planning & Scheduling 2021 will uncover the most advanced metrics, technologies and lean approaches to alleviate risk and minimize disruption to keep your project running on-time.

Go beyond the technicalities of project scheduling to share lessons learned and best practices with dozens of planning, scheduling & project leaders to improve collaborative workforce and supply chain planning, leverage your schedule as a proactive risk management tool, and move your team beyond CPM to get the job done on-time for your clients.

Returning in-person for 2021, this year’s Advancing Construction Planning & Scheduling conference will be the best opportunity for industry leaders to come together in-person and harness a year of disruptive innovation to inform the future of Planning and Scheduling in the construction industry.
You will not only discover how to better forecast and manage risk proactively, preventing delays, you will also learn how to:
• Integrate lean tools with traditional CPM, execute pull planning and TAKT planning to take your lean strategy to the next level
• Harness data analytics and data visualization tools to more productively manage the field resources
• Integrate BIM and scheduling tools, and review the schedule with 4D modelling to capture risks early, to consolidate schedules and improve efficiency
• Discover how AI can reduce manual data collection and automate schedule processes so that time can be focused efficiently on the most important tasks
This critical forum is a must-attend if you are looking to walk away with all the actionable insights to leverage data analytics, benchmark emerging technologies and lean approaches, optimize collaboration and proactively manage risk.