Schedule Delay

Schedule Delay

PMCOS is pleased to provide this five-part presentation on schedule delay offered by Tom Driscoll and HKA.  The first part is free, become a member to view the rest of these presentations

These presentations are available as live webinar sessions upon request.  If you are interested please contact Rick Moffat, PMCOS Vice President of Communications at

One thought on “Schedule Delay

  1. Lot of good information contained here that every one involved with schedule management need to read, understand and implement. This will help manage the project.

    For delay analysis, One of the key points is critical path. A project can be built in many different ways. The way the project will be built determines what the critical path will be. In any delay analysis the determination of critical path at the point the delay is taking place is very important. In many methodologies, critical path is ignored which results in a biased determination. The schedule analyst can show what ever he/she wants to show as critical delays completely disregarding the plan and facts of actual progress. In any methodology always review the critical path.

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