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Keynote Sponsor Announced - PMCOS Annual Conference – Las Vegas 2023

PMCOS Annual Conference – Las Vegas 2023

April 23 – April 26
Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa


PMCOS 2023 6th Annual Conference
Scheduling: the Smartest Bet in Town… Viva Las Vegas!


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Upcoming Webinars

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Scheduling Your Internal Projects – An Expert Discussion of Successful Practices

Our April/May webinar is a panel discussion featuring four top experts in internal corporate scheduling, our moderator, Ed Mahler of the Project Administration Institute and panelists Brian Cohn of Aspire Innovation, Michelle Colodzin Gunsher of CommonSpirit Health and Mark Swiderski of Praxilient. This is your chance to learn why it makes sense, and how, to control projects from within. Topics for discussion include (1) who should own the schedule, (2) deliverables-based scheduling, (3) matrix management challenges and (4) the use of consistent scheduling standards throughout an organization.

The webinar is available here as members only content.

Evolving Case Law in Recent Schedule-Related Court Decisions

Our March webinar takes a look at how to proceed when problems on a project can’t be resolved. It focuses on recent Federal and State court decisions discussing CPM scheduling and schedule impact and delay issues. The lessons learned from these cases can be an important guide to industry practitioners prosecuting or defending claims. Our speakers, Stephen Hurlbut and Mark Groff, are premier legal historians and co-authors of Construction Scheduling: Preparation, Liability, and Claims, so be sure to beg, borrow or steal (or consider buying) a copy of their book, and visit the webinar by following the link below. And, let us know your thoughts.

The webinar is available here as members only content.

What's Wrong with Today's Scheduling Software and How Artificial Intelligence Can Help

Our January Webinar, What’s Wrong with Today’s Scheduling Software and How Artificial Intelligence Can Help, is a panel discussion moderated by Jesus de la Garza, the Chair of the Glenn Department of Civil Engineering at Clemson University.  Panelists include Dev Amratia, CEO of nPlan; Gui Ponce de Leon, CEO of PMA Consultants; and René Morkos, CEO of Alice Technologies.

Have you ever been involved in a project that elicited comments like these?


  • Engineering and procurement never had a working schedule.
  • Poor scheduling – not kept up to date.  Should have been working tool.
  • A working CPM Schedule for planning day-to-day activities and charting progress was never available.


If so, join the club. January’s webinar takes a look at how artificial intelligence is helping us solve these problems on both current and future projects. Why not take a look to learn what three experts and software development firm CEO’s envision occurring along the path ahead?

The webinar is available here as members only content.

Emerging Trends in Lost Productivity Claims

Our November Webinar, Emerging Trends in Lost Productivity Claims, is a panel discussion moderated by John Cook, an attorney with Smith Pachter McWhorter.  Panelists include Dave Halligan, managing director with Ankura; Henry Spieker,  partner with HKA; and Stu Ockman, president of Ockman & Borden Associates.


When a project is accelerated or disrupted, there are a plethora of potential side effects from crew overloading to extended overtime.  Throw in dilution of supervision, loss of morale, relocation of workers, weather impacts, learning curve losses, COVID, etc.; and you have all the ingredients for a loss of productivity claim.  But how do you quantify these inefficiencies reliably and supportably?  That’s the topic for discussion in November’s webinar.


The webinar is available here as members only content.

If Different Delay Analysis Methodologies Produce Different Results, Which One Works?

Our September/October Webinar, If Different Delay Analysis Methodologies, Produce Different Results, Which One Works?, is a panel discussion moderated by Rick Moffat, a partner with HKA.  Panelists who participated in the October encore include Andy Ness, a top arbitrator and mediator with JAMS; Bruce Stephan, executive director with PMA Consultants ; Meera Wagman, managing director with Secretariat; and Stu Ockman, president of Ockman & Borden Associates. 

In this webinar we explore the questions (1) if different delay analysis methodologies produce different results, which one works and, (2) why should you use it?  The premise, of course, is that there can’t be two right answers to any question subjected to a rigorous analysis.  Yet, time after time in schedule-related disputes, each party presents an analysis supporting a different position: unsurprisingly, theirs.  If you’d like to join the war against methodology shopping and continued attempts to show that grass is blue, this is the webinar for you.


The webinar is available here as members only content

How to Get the Most from Your Project Schedules

Our August Webinar, How to Get the Most from Your Project Schedules, is a panel discussion moderated by Scott Hollingsworth, a partner with The Kenrich Group, an HKA Company.

Panelists include Bob Freas, a principal with Exponent, Brian Furniss, a director with Delta Consulting Group , Hannah Schumacher, scheduling manager for Sundt Construction, and Mike Harris, a managing director with Secretariat. Whether you’re an experienced scheduler or a novice, this webinar will give you an opportunity to learn and/or confirm (1) how to deal with the challenges faced on any project and (2) how to identify and respond to potential delays early to maximize the chances of project success and minimize the risk of litigating costly and time-consuming disputes.

The webinar is available here as members only content.

The Dangers of Presenting a Phony Schedule

Our July Webinar, The Dangers of Presenting a Phony Schedule – When to Blow the Whistle on a Project, is a panel discussion moderated by Ken Baker, a partner with HKA Global, Inc.

Panelists include Clark Thiel, an attorney with Pillsbury LLP, Mike D’Onofrio, a founding shareholder of CPMI, Raquel Floyd, President of Rock Solid Project Solutions, and Stu Ockman, President of Ockman & Borden Associates. It is a great discussion of this important issue and looks at four instances where phony schedules affected many (and, at times, all) of us.

The webinar is available here as members only content.

Schedule Risk Analysis Maturity Model Webinar

Our June Webinar, Schedule Risk Maturity Model, is now available to PMCOS members. The video is far from perfect (we’re still experimenting with zoom), but the presentation by Dr. David Hulett is terrific. If you missed it last month and would like to learn about the latest trends in schedule risk analysis, why not take a look?

The webinar is available here as members only content

Managing Schedule Impacts During COVID-19

Our inaugural webinar, Managing Schedule Impacts During COVID-19, was held on Wednesday, May 6th. It was a roundtable discussion moderated by Frank Giunta, President – Americas of HKA Global, Inc. Panelists included Rob D’Onofrio of Capital Project Management, Inc., Ginny Harvey of Raytheon Technologies, Tom Fertitta of Secretariat International and Mark Groff, Senior Counsel in the D.C. offices of Akin Gump. A video of their discussion is available here as members content for our website; so, if you’re not yet a member, why not join the College now?


We had a lot of positive reaction: e.g., Good meeting today – many interesting viewpoints. And, great knowledge from experts and well organized. If you missed it, be sure to join us for our next webinar featuring Dr. David Hulett discussing Schedule Risk Analysis at 3pm EDT on Wednesday, June 10th?


    • The College of Scheduling is taking preliminary steps to explore the possibility of making the practice of scheduling a licensed profession throughout the United States and Canada.  If you are passionate about our profession and you’d like to help out on this major undertaking, please let Stu Ockman know.  We will ultimately need about half a dozen senior members residing in every State and Province to serve on the individual licensing Boards.
    • Take a look at our code of ethics here
    • In this time of rapid change and unprecedented challenges for business and industry, it has never been more important to share information and best practices regarding scheduling practices. So in order to help scheduling practitioners and delay experts PMCOS is presenting a business Roundtable with industry experts next Wednesday, May 6th at 3:00 PM EDT take a look at the details 

Schedulers Make Things Happen in all Industries. Here is an example from Construction.


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